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Congratulations! Hanhe Won the Intellectual Property Award

Recently, Zhuzhou Hanhe Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the "Year of industrial project construction" and "warm enterprise" action promotion conference which was held by Zhuzhou municipal government. Zhuzhou Hanhe won the Intellectual Property Award. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been a major disaster in China since the beginning of this year. Zhuzhou Hanhe has responded well to the municipal government's resumption of work and rehabilitation under the circumstances of good preventive measures and publicity. We felt a long way to go as the first batch of enterprises to resume work in Zhuzhou. After several months of hard work, all employees of Hanhe have successfully completed the delivery of multiple induction heating equipment, completed multiple research and development projects, and won the recognition of customers.

Hanhe will take this as the driving force, as always, and work hard to contribute to the construction of the motherland and China's intelligent manufacturing.




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