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Brief Introduction

Zhuzhou Hanhe Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research, production and sales of induction heating equipment & customized electric heating equipment, vacuum metallurgy equipment, pipeline forming equipment, customized CNC lathe, high performance metal powder production line and technology design, railway engineering equipment and automation etc. The company has strong technical strength and strong R & D capabilities, and has a research team made up of Specialists & Doctors and keeps close cooperation relations with many research institutes and universities. The products have already been widely used in melting, diathermatic, quenching, high temperature sintering, welding, heat treatment, semi-conductor refining etc and served in metal casting, steel & iron metallurgy, automobile, project engineering, wind/water electric generating, railway, aerospace, oil&gas, power plant, nuclear power, 3D metal printing, precious metal, cement carbide and solar thin film battery etc.

Our main products are: CNC medium frequency pipe bending machine, CNC 3D induction heating pipe bending machine, vacuum/gas atomization equipment, rotary disc atomization equipment, Induction electrode melting vacuum gas atomization equipment, continuous wire gas atomization equipment, plasma spheroidization equipment, vacuum directional solidification furnace, medium frequency carbide furnace, vacuum induction melting furnace, vacuum induction sintering furance, 3000℃ ultra high temperature graphitization furnace, CVD furnace, medium frequency sintering furnace, medium frequency melting furnace, large gantry-type CNC quenching machine, medium frequency induction diathering furnace, steel tube weld annealing Equipment, motor end ring induction brazing equipment, magnetic pole coil portable brazing equipment, compound pot bottom high frequency brazing equipment, composite pan bottom friction pressure welding heat conduction heating equipment, bevelling machine, steel pipe welding pre-heating machine, pipe expander, motor rotor automatic assembly line etc.

Zhuzhou Hanhe aims to create value for customers with soul & heart, provide China optimal equipment consultancy,  import & export agency business and ‘turn-key’ project.



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