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Technical force

The company’s main technical engineers came from the original state-owned Zhuzhou Fourth Radio  Factory and Zhouzhou Third Radio factory, which was known as the high medium frequency power supply and the induction furnace production base in mid South China in 90s.

The company has 32 employees, 70% staff are technicians, including 8 electrical engineers, 2 mechanical design engineers and 2 heat treatment application engineers. The new research and development projects are solar energy new energy equipment, high temperature ceramic engine high temperature reaction furnace, Germany AEG high power parallel resonant high intermediate frequency power supply, Norway high-power DSP all computer display series resonant power supply domestication, vacuum atomizing equipment, continuous ultra high temperature graphite purification furnace, carbon material high temperature graphitization furnace, CNC medium frequency induction pipe bender, high intensity car plate on-line heat treatment equipment etc.


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