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Medium frequency carbonization furnace

1. Application

The furnace is used in cemented carbide and powder alloy industry for producing 

various kinds of particles of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, vanadium carbide and 

other metal powders, composite metal powders, sintered alloys and tungsten-

molybdenum products.


2400℃ stainless steel ultra-high temperatuer water cooled furnace body.

It can be used for tungsten carbide powder & composite carbonization heating 

technology with different particle sizes. Meanwhile it's also used for alloy sintering.

Advanced monitoring system which can timely monitor equipment running condition, 

with default sefl-diagnosis function.

Adopt digital-display intelligent temperature control system. The system can increase 

temeprature as per the set temperature raising curve and store 20 groups curves. 

Each curve has 20 different heating curves.

Adopt pure water circulating treatment system: digital flow monitor system, high-

property medium frequency contactor, PLC automatic control system, CPU automatic 

detection waterflow.



The new carbonization furnace can significantly improve the carbonization quality. It's featured with complete reaction, uniform particle size, high carbon content, low free carbon content, high productivity, and long service life etc.

Fewer control button, complete functions, easy operation.


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