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Directional Solidification Furnace



    This product is used for solar grade silica ingot,

    it can be also used for refining other semi-conductive material.   


      High control precision

      Free adjustment on crystallization speed

      The power supply is three phase current balanced

      Low maintenance cost

      High degree of vacuum

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Technical Parameter

Melting Capacity10-450KGTemperature rising rate40℃/minRated inflation pressure0.05MPa
Power 40-450KWTemperature uniformity±5℃Servo control range0.01mm-6mm/min
Designed Temperature≥1700℃Limiting vacuum6.67*10-2paDirectional solidification rate0.01mm-0.5mm/min
Working Temperature1550℃Pressure rising rate0.01PaL/SCrucible fast return speed80-100mm/min


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