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Induction Heating Vacuum Gas Atomization Equipment

VIGA Process Working Principle 

The metal & metal alloy are melted under vacuum conditions with protective gas. The metal liquid flows through thermal insulating crucible and diversion tube to the atomizing chamber. Meanwhile, the liquid will be atomized & cracked into small droplets by high pressure air flow via tight coupling nozzle. The droplet will solidify into spherical or semi-spherical particles during falling down. 


1.The droplets rapidly solidify during falling down and overcomes segregation phenomenon.                                        

2. Adopt ceramic or graphite crucible induction heating process to melt alloy material. Effective purification can be achieved by finishing & pure diversion technology.                   

3.The equipment adopts ultrasonic tight coupling gas atomizing nozzle process which can make lots of fine alloy powders.    

4.Secondary cyclone separator collection system can improve powder obtaining rate and reduce dust emission.              

Main Technical Parameters   

Melting capacity: 20KG, 25KG, 50KG, 100KG, 200KG

MF power: 60KW, 100KW, 160KW, 250KW

MF frequency: 2500Hz

Vacuum pressure rising rate: 0.05Pa/min

Thermal preserving furnace power: 10-25KW

Thermal preserving furnace temperature: 900-1200℃

Melting furnace temperature:1800℃

Cooling tower pressure: 0.3mpa

Cooling water flow: 8-12t/h



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