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Steel Pipe Coating Induction Heating Equipment

This complete set of equipment is used for the induction preheating for oil and natural gas pipes surface corrosive coating. The equipment adopts German high speed IGBT converter which can transform 50Hz 6phases power to single medium frequency power. The equipment applies electron magnetic principle. Under the protection of air, vacuum or protective gas, the workpiece is put in the alternative magnetic fields, the fields generate eddy loss to heat thus it can meet the requirement of melting, diathermanous, quenching etc.. This kind of heating method has little interference on grid harmonic wave, and has the advantages of quick heating speed, little burning loss, low labor strength, uniform temperature etc.

Main technical parameters

Workpiecepipeline steel pipe

Structure of equipmenton-line

Heating methodInduction heating

Heating power supply resonance methodseries connection

Rated heating temperature800℃

Technology heating temperature230-320℃

Heating typeintegral heating

Max. Pipe diameter:¢914mm

Min. Pipe diameter:¢114mm

Length of pipe:12 m

Equipment total power:1500KW

Input voltage:660V×6N


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