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Bevelling Machine


The electric bevelling machine combines the advantage of various of pipeline chamfer machine with user real demands. It is suitable for seamless steel pipes, bends, tees end chamfer processing.

This machine adopts standard motor head for re-structuring with following features: high cutting ability, complete special power control box for differential motion radial feeding, function of differential motion feeding, function of manual spinning, function of electric fast forward/reverse cutter. The working platform is set clamp holder and link chain soft clamp device for clamping the workpiece. There is no limitation on the workpiece shapes, thus it has a wide application. The workpiece can be aligned via the power control box manual adjustment and the working platform electric upper-down adjustment. The pipe end cutting chamfer can adopt angle knife rest speed differential automatic feeding for processing. When the pipe wall thickness is less than 10mm, frequency inverter working feeding is used to move the main machine and uses forming cutter for cutting shaping at a time.


      Cutter rest mechanism

      Power head

      Differential motion feeding mechanism

      Lathe body mechanism

     Electronic control system

     Clamping mechanism

     Chuck mechanism


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